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Hi Greg, I've mostly reviewed for style...
File Doc/library/unittest.rst (right):
Line 611: assertTrue(expr[, msg])
Make assertTrue the first/preferred/recommended spelling.
Line 623: :const:`None`.  Note that using :meth:`failUnlessEqual`
improves upon
failUnlessEqal -> assertEqual
Line 624: doing the comparison as the first parameter to
:meth:`failUnless`: the
failUnless -> assertTrue

(This kind of change may have to be done throughout.)
File Lib/test/ (right):
Line 75:"%s and %s do not hash equal" % (obj_1, obj_2))
maybe better %r and %r ?
Line 84:"%s and %s hash equal, but shouldn't" %
Line 2313: self.assertRaises(self.failureException, self.assertIn,
'elephant', animals)
lin too long
Line 2317: self.assertRaises(self.failureException, self.assertNotIn,
'cow', animals)
linr too long
File Lib/ (right):
Line 257: class AssertRaisesContext(object):
While you're at it, can you add a docstring?
Line 332: # Map types to custom assertEquals functions that will compare
assertEquals -> assertEqual
Line 512: # should use their type specific assertSpamEquals method to
Line 521: def _baseAssertEquals(self, first, second, msg=None):
Mind dropping the trailing 's'?
Line 526: def failUnlessEqual(self, first, second, msg=None):
We had talked about making the 'def' define the recommended name, e.g.
assertNotEqual, and using aliases to keep the other names.  Do you want
to do that at the same time as this change or in a separate one?
Line 581: def assertSequenceEquals(self, seq1, seq2, msg=None,
Drop the trailing 's' in the name?
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