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Author vstinner
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Date 2009-03-17.23:40:58
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Comments about my own patches.


* error messages should be improved:
  ValueError("Unable to compute string width") for Windows
  IOError(strerror(errno)) otherwise


* format_exception_only() from Lib/ may need a fix
* about the documentation: it looks like SyntaxError.offset unit is 
not documentation in exceptions.rst (should it be documented, or 
leaved unchanged?)


* i'm not sure of the reference counts (ref leak?)
* in case of PyUnicode_FromUnicode(text, textlen) error, 
>>PyFile_WriteObject(textobj, f, Py_PRINT_RAW); 
PyFile_WriteString("\n", f);<< is used to display the line but textobj 
may already ends with \n.
* format_exception_only() from Lib/ should do the same job 
than fixed print_exception(): get the string width (to fix this 
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