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Anyone gotten farther on getting Python-2.5.x to cross-compile?  I'm
trying to get x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --> mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu, and
after some hacking at the last updated cross-2.5.1.patch, plus a fix for
the %zd printf bugaboo, plus adding in config.sub/config.guess files,
I'm able to get it moving a little.  But I'm running into the same
failure as described in Message #56846 and I'm not quite sure how to
properly work around that.

Can't "hack" around it -- the entire build is automated from a Gentoo
ebuild, so I need to be able to tweak something in or to fix this...somehow.

Ran some quick checks, and even with passing -I/usr/include to
CPPFLAGS_FOR_BUILD, and running the host compiler directly on the
command line, It's picking up wrong values for LONG_BIT and SIZEOF_LONG
(I think).


So the test LONG_BIT != (SIZEOF_LONG * 8) succeeds and hits the #error
in pyport.h

Can't use a newer Python, including 2.6, 2.7-trunk, or even 3.0. 
Gentoo's primary package manager, portage, is currently dependent on
2.5.x (we're using 2.5.4 specifically right now).  So Roumen's patch
doesn't work at all (I've already tried backporting).

Ideas perhaps?
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