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Author loewis
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Date 2009-02-28.09:28:12
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The one thing that IMO needs to be decided before this can be accept is
the version compatibility: what Python versions must this code stay
compatible with? That decision then needs to be implemented.

Apart from this (and the additional minor comments below), the patch
looks fine.
File Lib/json/ (right):
Line 21: nan, inf = struct.unpack('dd', _BYTES)
I think this can be simplified as

   nan, inf = struct.unpack('>dd', _BYTES)
File Lib/json/ (right):
Line 31: INFINITY = float('1e66666')
Why not decoder.PosInf?
File Modules/_json.c (right):
Line 3: #if PY_VERSION_HEX < 0x02060000 && !defined(Py_TYPE)
Is Python before 2.6 even supported anymore? ISTM that the usage of
.format on strings outrules Python2.5 and earlier.
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