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Le mercredi 25 février 2009 à 00:51 +0000, Jeffrey Yasskin a écrit :
> I've updated Antoine's patch to incorporate my comments. This interacts
> with issue 2459, but I haven't yet looked at its patch to figure out
> how. As a first cut, I'll propose committing this patch, backporting it
> to trunk, syncing it into the issue 2459 patch, and then committing that
> patch. Let me know if that's crazy.

Doesn't sound crazier than doing it in another order :-))
There'll be a bit of work to reconcile both patches anyway (and also to
adapt the 2459 in order to apply cleanly against current trunk).

2459 defines its own JUMP_ABS_IF_TRUE / JUMP_ABS_IF_FALSE (which are the
same as this patch's POP_JUMP_IF_TRUE / POP_JUMP_IF_FALSE), but it also
keeps the old relative non-popping conditional jumps, which as this
issue shows is sub-optimal.

Thank you for taking this, Jeffrey, my own priority right now being the
io-c branch.
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