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Hello JP,

> Surely the majority of the burden is imposed by the C implementation.  I
> expect that 90% of the time spent fixing bugs will be spent fixing them
> in C.

Hmm, it depends. It's probably true in general, but I suspect a fair
amount of work also went into getting the Python implementation correct,
since there are things in there that are tricky regardless of the
implementation language (I'm especially thinking of the TextIOWrapper
seek() and tell() methods).
(and there are still bugs in the Python implementation btw.)

> If the general
> well-being and popularity of Python isn't a concern of CPython
> developers, then perhaps the benefits can still be preserved at minimal
> cost to the CPython developers by letting some Jython, IronPython, or
> PyPy developers maintain the Python implementation of the io library in
> the CPython source tree

Well, if it is part of the CPython source tree, we (CPython developers)
can't realistically ignore it by saying it's someone else's job.

> Or maybe none of them will care or object to the removal of the Python
> version from CPython.  It might at least be worth asking first, though.

In any case, it must first be asked on python-dev. We're not gonna dump
the code without telling anybody anything :)


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