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Date 2009-02-17.09:26:23
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On 2009-02-16 22:42, Armin Ronacher wrote:
> New submission from Armin Ronacher <>:
> platform.linux_distribution() was added in 2.6 as an alias for
> platform.dist().  However the documentation lists platform.dist() as an
> alias for platform.linux_distribution() and there is no information that
> the latter appered in 2.6 whereas the former exists since 2.4 I think.

> Not sure what the fix is, but it should be documented properly with "..
> versionadded:: 2.6".

Note that dist() redirects to linux_distribution(), not the other
way around.

I'll add the versionadded tags and also clarify the dist() documentation:
it's missing a comment that full_distribution_name is set to false
when redirecting to linux_distribution().
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