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The main thing the patch does is:
	modify the subprocess restart procedure so that it reloads 
whatever file, if any, was loaded when IDLE first started and looked for 
IDLESTARTUP then PYTHONSTARTUP environment variables.

In addition:
	a -q option is added for starting IDLE on the command line to 
mean "quiet", as with Emacs, e.g., to suppress loading of IDLESTARTUP or 
	The former effect of -s would now be the default, which is 
desirable so double-clicking an IDLE icon to start it will cause the 
startup file to run.
	-s is changed to take an argument that is an alternate startup 
file to use

I am a bit concerned about changing -s to have a different meaning. 
Perhaps it's better to leave -s as an option that is simplhy superfluous 
and use a different letter for the alternate startup.
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