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Date 2009-02-10.18:12:31
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Confirmed in trunk. Here's a copy-n-past'able testcase:

class xcomplex( complex ):
    def __new__(cls,*args,**kwargs):
        return complex.__new__(cls,*args,**kwargs)
    def __coerce__(self,other):
        t = complex.__coerce__(self,other)
            return (self,xcomplex(t[1]))
        except TypeError:
            return t
    def __add__(self,x):
        return xcomplex( complex.__add__(self,x) )
    def __radd__(self,x):
        return xcomplex( complex.__radd__(self,x) ) 

class xfloat(float):
    def __new__(cls,*args,**kwargs):
        return float.__new__(cls,*args,**kwargs)
    def __coerce__(self,other):
        t = float.__coerce__(self,other)
            return (self,float(t[1]))
        except TypeError:
            return t
    def __add__(self,x):
        return xfloat( float.__add__(self,x) )
    def __radd__(self,x):
        return xfloat( float.__radd__(self,x) )

z = 1j
xz = xcomplex(1j)
f = 1.0
xf = xfloat(1.0)

print type(z + xz)
print type(f + xf)
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