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> so I guess a decision needs to be made. Is this something that should
> be made on python-dev or does this bug have enough visibility?

The bug doesn't have enough visibility, so it definitely needs to be
discussed in public.

> So, where do we go from here?

Maybe some committer is willing to make a decision (I know that I will
not, but I wouldn't be opposed to somebody else making one).

Lacking that, the ususal procedures apply: either
a) publish the respective code on the relevant sites, build community,
   and come back in a few years, or
b) write a PEP, and ask for BDFL pronouncement in the end.

IOW, it is not clear to me why a decision *needs* to be made (unless
you count "defer" as a decision as well). Of course, in either a and
b, there is a chance that the result will again be "defer"
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