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Date 2009-01-29.14:58:16
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The backslash escaping has nothing to do with os.environ.  It's the way
any string with a backslash in it is displayed in the interactive
interpreter (it's the way str.__repr__ works).  Performing any escaping
on a string to make it usable in a command line is a task which is
inappropriate as a feature of os.environ.  The contents of os.environ
are just strings.  If you want to use them in a command line, you need
to escape them appropriately.  Notice that in addition to escaping the
space, you may also sometimes need to escape a backslash (not in this
case on Windows, though, since a single \ is allowed here).  The
escaping of the \ in this example is *only* in the *display* of the
variable - there is only one \ in the string itself.

I recommend closing this ticket as invalid.
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