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Since Python 2.3, PyArg_ParseTuple and friends give a DeprecationWarning
for floating-point arguments where integers are expected.  From

- The PyArg_Parse functions now issue a DeprecationWarning if a float
  argument is provided when an integer is specified (this affects the 'b',
  'B', 'h', 'H', 'i', and 'l' codes).  Future versions of Python will
  raise a TypeError.

Can we turn that DeprecationWarning into a TypeError for 2.7?  (It's
already a TypeError in 3.x.) I'd like to see things like 'range(-0.3)'
and 'itertools.combinations(range(3), 5.1)' raise TypeError.

N.B. The relevant format codes in 2.7 include 'I' and 'n' in addition to
the six codes listed above.
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