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Date 2009-01-21.16:44:42
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Execution of "make test" for Python 2.6.1 halts with a segmentation 
fault on line 2198 of Python-2.6.1/Lib/test/; also 
occurs using the attached script, narrowing it down to the %z sequence 
in the format argument to datetime.time.strftime(), but only when the 
time object has a non-None tzinfo.  The segfault disappears when I 
comment out line 1133 of Python-2.6.1/Modules/datetimemodule.c:

PyOS_snprintf(buf, buflen, "%c%02d%s%02d", sign, hours, sep, minutes);

Compiled with GCC 3.4.3 with Smashing Stack Protector on LFS 5.1.1 
(Linux and glibc 2.3.5 with ssp patches).  Using BASECFLAGS=-
fno-stack-protector has no effect on the segfault.  All other Python 
tests pass.  HAVE_SNPRINTF has been defined to 1 in pyconfig.h by the 
config script.

I have not yet compiled gdb, but I can if requested.
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