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Usage of read1():
 * _BytesIO.read1(n) (_bytesio.c): calls bytesio_read(n)
 * _BytesIO.read1(n) ( return
 * BufferedReader._read_unlocked(n=None): 
   - if n is None or n==-1, call in a "while 
True: ..." until EOF
   - else, call until we get enough bytes
 * BufferedReader.read1(n): calls self._read_unlocked(...) but make 
sure that we don't call more than once
 * BufferedRWPair.read1(n): return self.reader.read1(n)
 * BufferedRandom.read1(n): self.flush(); return BufferedReader.read1
(self, n)
 * TextIOWrapper._read_chunk() calls self.buffer.read1

IOBase, RawIOBase, FileIO, BufferedIOBase, TextIOBase, TextIOWrapper, 
StringIO have no read1() method.
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