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Author kristjan.jonsson
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Date 2009-01-15.17:35:08
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Just to clarify, 
Ascii files and unicode files will repr() as
<open file 'tmp\foo', mode 'wb' at ...>
<open file u'tmp\\foo', mode 'wb' at ...>
respectively.  In the former, the backslash isn't escaped, but in the 
latter it is.  The single quotes certainly imply repr, and if this were 
a list, it would repr as:
and so I think that the ascii syntax really ought to be
<open file 'tmp\\foo', mode 'wb' at ...>

The inconsistency shows up in the testsuite for test_file() when the 
TMPFN is tmp\@test (because test_support didn't succeed in creating a 
temp file @test) when it is checking the repr of a file opened with a 
unicode filename with code that corresponds exactly to code used for an 
string filename.

Any thoughts?
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