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Date 2009-01-14.04:16:05
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The function trace.CoverageResults.write_results() can't write coverage
results on Windows for modules loaded by using the __path__ feature of
PEP 302.

For example, Bazaar uses the __path__ feature to load plugins from
directories specified by the BZR_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable.

The attached zip file contains a test case.  If it is unpacked so that is in C:\, it will fail to produce a coverage results file
for C:\tracebug\dir2\  Instead it will produce an empty file
named C:\tracebug\out\C .

The bug appears to be that trace.fullmodname() returns
C:.tracebug.dir2.hello .  Since the result contains a colon (:), it
can't be used as the filename of the output file produced by
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