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Date 2009-01-13.23:20:11
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I've backported condbranches-plus.patch to trunk, and I'm getting these 

PyBench: 1.84-2.21% faster
2to3: 3.83% faster
Spitfire: 6.13-6.23% faster

PyBench was run with -w=1; 2to3 is translating its entire source 
directory five times; Spitfire is measured by the "Spitfire -O4" line 
from tests/perf/, run 15 times. This is on a Core 2 system. 
My AMD system (otherwise identical) shows somewhat less improvement, 
but still an improvement.

I've haven't tested condbranches.patch vs condbranches-plus.patch; what 
difference are you seeing, Antoine?

I like these changes. Folding POP into JUMP_IF_{TRUE,FALSE} should have 
been done years ago (I think I proposed it and Raymond shot me down). 
I'm also in favor of making POP_JUMP_IF_* absolute jumps.

This patch mostly looks good, though you still need to change Doc/
library/dis.rst and the pure-Python compiler package. I'd get someone 
else to look over the patch, too, though.
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