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Date 2009-01-12.14:28:56
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The patch didn't install correctly using 'patch', but I manually merged
the changes into my environment (Ubuntu 8.10 running 2.5.2) - I'll
upload the diff rejections if they'll be helpful.

After installing, I attempted to use the new code to determine the
version number, and am receiving 'None' as my result.  After looking
through the code, I believe its looking for a '.egg-info' file, but my
custom package doesn't have one (it was installed using 'easy_install' -
easy_install -z <package_name>), so it looks like that info is instead
stored in EGG_INFO/PKG-INFO within the egg itself.

Here's a dir dump of my installed egg:
|   |-- PKG-INFO
|   |-- SOURCES.txt
|   |-- dependency_links.txt
|   |-- top_level.txt
|   `-- zip-safe
`-- my_package.pyc
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