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Date 2009-01-07.23:26:40
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Summary of functions/definitions expected to return a number:           

  r>n       r<0       Source
--------- ----------  ------------------------------
error      error      MS Excel PERMUT() and COMBIN() 
error      error      HP32SII nPr and nCr    
undefined  undefined  CRC Combinatoric definitions   
undefined  undefined  Handbook of Mathematics and Computational Science  
undefined  undefined  Wolfram:
zero       zero  
undefined  undefined   
undefined  undefined   
zero       undefined  Knuth's choose function in Concrete Mathematics    
zero       zero       GAP's nrCombinations()

Summary for tools that return the individual subsets:           

  r>n       r<0       Source
--------- ----------  ------------------------------
emptylist  error      Mathematica
emptylist  unknown    Magma
emptylist  error      GAP Combinations
emptylist  emptylist  GAP Arrangements
emptylist  emptylist  Sage Combinations
emptylist  error      Sage Permutations
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