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> My main interest in this patch are the type and %d to %zd change, but
> by throwing in the name change, I unintentionally made it more
> controversial.   Would it help if I resubmit the patch without name
> changes or is this something that a committer can take care of if the
> patch is partially accepted?

I think it is indeed better to focus on this part of the patch only.

I just reviewed it, and I think it is incorrect: We cannot assume that
the CRT supports %zd, therefore, PY_FORMAT_SIZE_T has to be used.

I fixed it, and removed the _Py_ prefixing, and committed the result
as r68381.

> Also a grep through nm output that Marc-Andre did is a good check to
> run from time to time and there is no reason to have false positives.

make smelly
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