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> However, they are still exported from the object files, 

Ah. Those are "global symbols", not "exported symbols"; "export"
is a concept specific to Win32.

> so can cause
> name clashes with other libraries you link with.

See, and in this specific case, they can't, because they are used
only in a debug build. Furthermore, they all have names that are
unlikely to collide. Even if they get a _Py_ prefix, there could
still be a conflict.

> Even production builds contain a few such symbols which require
> the _Py or Py prefix (or need to be made static) - these are for
> Python 2.6 and 2.7:
> * asdl_int_seq_new
> * asdl_seq_new

No. They don't require the Py_ prefix, because they already
have the asdl_ prefix.
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