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Date 2009-01-05.19:21:29
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I've been on vacation and unable to follow this, and won't have time to
catch up now. Note that I have no vested interest in Google's module
except knowing it has many happy users (I have never used it myself --
but Collin Winter has and he tells me it's great).

Since I haven't used either module and am not particularly interested in
this functionality, I'm withdrawing myself from the set of experts who
can decide which is better.

Duncan McGreggor asked some questions on python-dev; here are my responses:

>  * do we want to limit it to IP (i.e. no EUI/MAC support)?

I don't want to exclude EUI/MAC support, but it seems quit a separate
(and much more specialized) application area, so it's probably best to
keep it separate (even if it may make sense to use a common (abstract
or concrete) base class or just have similar APIs).

>  * do we want a single module or is a package acceptable?

I don't care either way.

>  * other thoughts?

How about a merger?
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