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The function decode_str() (Parser/tokenizer.c) is responsible to 
detect the encoding using the BOM or the cookie ("coding: xxx"). 
decode_str() reencodes also the text to utf-8 if the encoding is 
different than utf-8. I think that we can just skip this function if 
the input text is already unicode (utf-8). Attached patch implements 
this idea.

The patch introduces a new compiler flag (PyCF_IGNORE_COOKIE) and a 
new parser flag (PyPARSE_IGNORE_COOKIE). The new compiler flag is set 
by source_as_string() when the input is a PyUnicode object. "Ignore 
cookie" is maybe not the best name for this flag.

With my patch, the first Brett's example displays:
   $ ./python
   Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "", line 3, in <module>
       compile(source, '<test>', 'exec')
     File "<test>", line 2
       ” = '”'
   SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

The error cursor is not at the right column (bug related to the issue 
2382 or introduced by my patch?).

The patch changes the public API: PyTokenizer_FromString() prototype 
changed to get a new argument. I don't like changing public API. The 
new argument should be a bit vector (flags) instead of a single bit 
(ignore_cookie). We can avoid changing the public API by creating a 
new function (eg. "PyTokenizer_FromUnicode" ;-)). 

There are some old PyPARSE_xxx constants in Include/parsetok.h that 
might be removed. PyPARSE_WITH_IS_KEYWORD value is 3 which is strange 
since flags is a bit vector (changed with | and tested by &). But 
PyPARSE_WITH_IS_KEYWORD is a dead constant (written in #if 
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