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Author loewis
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Date 2009-01-04.13:22:30
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File Lib/json/ (right):
Line 55: def py_scanstring(s, end, encoding=None, strict=True,
This function should get some comments what all the various cases are
(preferably speaking with the terms of JSON spec, i.e. chars, char, ...)
Line 71: _append(content)
# 3 cases: end of string, control character, escape sequence
Line 76: msg = "Invalid control character {0!r} at".format(esc)
esc isn't assigned until a few lines later. Is this really correct?
Line 104: raise ValueError
No message?
Line 107: raise ValueError
No message?
Line 111: m = unichr(uni)
What's the purpose of m?
Line 127: nextchar = s[end:end + 1]
Why not s[end]? Add comment if this is necessary.
Line 132: nextchar = s[end:end + 1]
Likewise. There are more places where it does slicing, but also places
where it does indexing, in this function.
Line 290: following strings: -Infinity, Infinity, NaN.
This sounds like an incompatible change.
Line 317: def raw_decode(self, s, idx=0):
That looks like an incompatible change
File Modules/_json.c (right):
Line 196: output_size *= 2;
You might want to check for integer overflow here.
Line 215: ascii_escape_str(PyObject *pystr)
Please attach a comment to each function, telling what the function
Line 733: "..."
Some text should probably be added here.
Line 1320: if ((idx + 3 < length) && str[idx + 1] == 'u' && str[idx + 2]
== 'l' && str[idx + 3] == 'l') {
Is this really faster than a strncmp?
Line 1528: PyTypeObject PyScannerType = {
I think scanner objects should participate in cyclic gc.
Line 2025: "make_encoder",       /* tp_name */
That is a confusing type name. How about "Encoder"?
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