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> Martin v. Löwis <> added the comment:
>> But I don't see a RPC being used there, I just see some polling.
> Consider Tkapp_Call (e.g.). If this is invoked in the Tk interpreter
> thread, then there is a direct call to Tcl_EvalObjv/Tkapp_CallResult.
> If the call is made from a different thread, then a Tkapp_CallEvent
> is allocated, filled with the parameters, and Tkapp_ThreadSend is
> invoked. This puts the event into the thread queue of the receiving
> thread, and waits for a condition.
> In the interpreter thread, Tkapp_CallProc is invoked, which extracts
> the arguments from the event, invokes Tcl_EvalObj/Tkapp_CallResult,
> and notifies the condition.

This is all true but the dispatching isn't used there actually.
dispatching is being used in a polling manner to try to catch the
thread running the tcl interpreter which someone tried to call into,
the code then proceeds to do what you described.
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