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Date 2009-01-03.14:27:07
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Victor, you seem to be confusing "code that supports it" with "functions
that use it". There are some conditional code inside Tkapp_MainLoop that
depends on self being available, that is what Martin meant by code that
supports it, and since it would no longer be a module function that code
would no longer be needed.

Now, I'm much more in favour to remove it from moduleMethods than from
adjusting it to work in py3k. My reasons for the moment are: 

1) To me, it makes much more sense to call a mainloop function from a
Tcl interpreter object than from a module;
2) There is a member named dispatching in TkappObject, so I believe when
this tcl/tk bridge was created -- or at least when this member was added
-- it had the intention to allow multiple mainloops at some time (or is
it really only intended to be used when trying to grab the thread that
created the tcl interpreter ?);
3) It reduces code :)

Although the reason #2 won't just work after removing mainloop from the
module functions, it also doesn't help keeping it there.
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