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Date 2009-01-03.14:00:12
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> Tkapp_Mainloop is supposed to work both as a module function 
> and a method, and it tests for self to find out which
> case it is. Now, this test is apparently broken in 3.x, ...

Ok. In Python 2.x, selfptr is NULL whereas selfptr is a pointer to the 
module in Python 3.x. New attached patch uses PyModule_Check() to 
check if selfptr is the module or an object.

> if that function is removed, the code to support 
> it should also be removed.

Which code? I don't see which code uses _tkinter.mainloop. I saw code 
that calls the method mainloop() of a Tkapp object, like 
tkinter.mainloop() does. Or am I wrong?
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