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Date 2009-01-03.12:48:18
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[Georg Brandl, on]
> This is used by which generates Python-ast.c -- it should be
> updated.

The only issue here is a single comment, which reads:

#  GenericASTMatcher.  AST nodes must have "__getitem__" and "__cmp__"

Still, I'm reluctant to remove or alter the comment without
understanding why it was there in the first place.  If someone more
familiar with AST stuff can confirm that __cmp__ is definitely no
longer needed, I'll remove the mention of it from the comment.

> Misc/cheatsheet
>  This needs a general overhaul.

I'll open a separate issue for this, if that's okay with everyone.  
Presumably 3.0.1 doesn't need to wait for Misc/cheatsheet to be updated.
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