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Date 2009-01-02.19:19:07
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sorry for the confusion.  The doc might actually be correct, but it
seems ambiguous and confusing with respect to the name and daemon

if you look here:

scroll down to where it says:

    Old API for name.

when you click on "name", it expands and shows you the 'name' property.
 However, it looks like it is denoting this as the "Old API".

at first glance it appears as though Thread.getName() and
Thread.setName() are the new way, and you can click on 'name' to see the
old API.  

I think the issue is actually the fact that and
Thread.daemon are not expanded in the HTML doc until you click on their
names (unlike other properties/attributes in the doc which are already

Let me know if I am not explaining well.
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