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Some other comments.
The time saving of indirect threading are also associated with the
removal of the range check, but better branch prediction is the main

> Also, the macro USE_THREADED_CODE should be renamed to something else;
> the word "thread" is too tightly associated with multi-threading.

That's true.

> Furthermore, threaded code simply refers to code consisting only of
> function calls. Maybe, USE_COMPUTED_GOTO or USE_DIRECT_DISPATCH would be
> better.

than USE_COMPUTED_GOTO, since the latter is just the used language

"indirect threading" is the standard name in CS literature to define
this technique. "Direct threading" is a variation where in the bytecode
array, opcode is replaced by the pointer opcode_handler[opcode], so that
dispatch is slightly faster. Most interpreters use indirect threading to
save memory, and because it enables to switch the opcode handlers table
to activate for instance debugging.

The best paper about this is:
"The Structure and Performance of Efficient Interpreters, M. Anton Ertl
and David Gregg, 2003".

The original paper about (direct) threaded code is this:
"Threaded Code, James R. Bell, Comm. of ACM, 1973", but I don't feel it
relevant at all today.
Indirect threading was introduced in "Indirect Threaded Code, Robert B.
K. Dewar, Communications of the ACM, 1975" (that's just a bit more
relevant, but still).
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