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Date 2008-12-30.22:38:15
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> A --enable-framework and --enable-shared are mutable exclusive. You 
> either have a regular unix build or a Python.framework.
May be configure has to block user if both are enabled.

> Is there any documentation on what the role of the "SO" variable means. 
Reading the code (distutils), comments configure script we may get some

From configure (line about 1600) :
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(SHLIB_EXT, "$SO", [Define this to be extension of
shared libraries (including the dot!).])
Actually this is suffix for python module (as example for windows ".pyd"
or "_d.pyd")

If SO is changed by to .dylib for OS X in configure above line will
define SHLIB_EXT to ".dylib" in "pyconfig.h". 

Ronald, you patch restore indirectly shared_lib_extension (distutils) to
".so", but define SHLIB_EXT from "pyconfig.h" will be ".dylib". This may
impact other projects.
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