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Date 2008-12-28.16:57:08
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PyFile_FromFd() never changes the name of new created file object:

$ ./python -c "import sys; print(,"
0 0

Expected result: <stdout> <stdout>.


Binary mode:
 - with buffering == 0, the file object is a FileIO. Changing the name 
can be done with: file._name=new_name
 - with buffering != 0, the file object is a BufferedXXX() and 
file.raw is a FileIO. So we have to set: file.raw._name=new_name

If text mode, the file object is a TextIOWrapper and file.raw is a 
BufferedXXX() (buffering=0 is forbidden for text file). So changing 
the name can be done with: file.raw.raw._name=newname.

I'm not sure of the classes/types.

Note: PyFile_FromFd() shouldn't use PyErr_Clear() if changing the name 
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