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Antoine Pitrou wrote:
>> If you want to change to using bytes, you're going to have to take it
>> to the Web-SIG and hash out a revision to PEP 333, which at the moment
>> requires the use of strings, period.
> What was called str in 2.x has become the bytes object in py3k.
> What was called unicode in 2.x has become str in py3k.
> (roughly)

Agreed, moreover it's time for Python 3.0.1 and we need to decide -
apply a patch or just remove wsgiref completely for now. Keep wsgiref
just as nonworking piece of code is the worse solution which can made
questionable all WSGI effort.

Given that old str has been replaced by bytes in Python 3 I think the
patch is a correct implementation of the PEP from the Python 3's point
of view. To avoid confusion note about the meaning of the term *string*
can be added to the PEP later.
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