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Author gpolo
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Date 2008-12-17.02:05:03
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Something like the proposed patch is still needed. But allow me to point
out my views towards your current patch:

* Changes in Misc.after, Misc._bind: good

* Changes in Misc.unbind can be simplified a bit:

cbs = self._bind_names(self._bind(('bind', self._w), sequence,
func=None, add=None))

could be only:

cbs = self._bind_names(self.bind(sequence))

and the comment in the end should go.

* Changes in Misc.unbind_all and Misc.unbind_class can be simplified in
the same as as Misc.unbind (just change self.bind by self.bind_all and

* Changes in Variable: would you care to elaborate more on these ? Do
you need a new _tclCommands there and also use the _tclCommands from its
master ?

* Changes in Misc._options are somewhat fine. 
 - The comment about Python 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 being bugged because a Tcl_Obj
is returned is misleading, so you should change it.
 - What are you gaining by sorting the cnf keys ?

* Changes in Misc._configure uhm.. it is hard to like that one =) Since
we are after commands created, why can't we just check the _tclCommands
before and after calling tcl here ? So we just remove the difference
(maybe move it to a set?) and don't do all those checks in case of
error, and then reraise the error.

* Changes in Wm.wm_protocol: I almost like it, except that there are two
checks for a callable arg now.

Hopefully you are still around.
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