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Date 2008-12-15.23:00:11
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I think your patch is good, but there may be another bug around:

I wrote a script to check results of 3.x against 2.x, but many pages
(, give 403:
Forbidden for 3.x... but work with 2.x!

If you think of this as a bug in 3.x, it could retry the request
identifying as 2.x on 403.

Other than that, your patch gives me identical results to 2.5/2.6 for
128 sites I tested (only a read(100) for each).

Interestingly, my patched version gives a file closer to the buggy
version in size, at 12700 bytes versus 12707. Your version agrees with
2.x and simple maths (128 x 100) in giving a 12799 bytes result. I have
no idea why.

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