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Date 2008-12-14.18:05:34
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Here's a patch (force_to_memory2.patch) that I'm hoping fixes the cmath 
test failures on Solaris 10/x86.

Skip, could you give it a try?

The patch isn't final:  I need to look for more places where 
Py_FORCE_DOUBLE should be applied.  But I'll wait to find out whether this 
really does fix the problem, first;  I'm still just guessing about the 

By the way, it looks like the problem with the original patch, on OS X, 
was that nothing in pymath.c is used in the Python *core*, so the symbols 
from pymath.o aren't compiled into the python.exe executable, and they're 
not available when loading modules.  Rather than working out how to fix 
this, I just moved the definitions into Objects/floatobject.c instead.
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