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Date 2008-12-14.01:31:02
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When installing python 2.6, I used:  
   ./configure --prefix=/home/name/usr

Installation was fine and everything was installed to:

But the .so files were installed to:

As ~/usr/lib/python was (no longer) declared in my PYTHONPATH, I ran
into import issues.  The problem was due to a forgotten file:

So this is clearly a user error, but I wonder if it is something which
should be avoided at the level.  

When installing python, the installation locations are derived from the
results of ./configure.  When is eventually called, the
installation locations can change.  This seems undesirable.  Would it be
better if instructed distutils to ignore any configuration file
so that the installation directories matched what was used by the rest
of 'make install'?

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