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Author zzyzx
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Date 2008-12-13.07:43:46
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I have installed python 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 yesterday and played around
with the new unicode features and had no problems with Japanese
characters(both in interactive and script mode). However, after
rebooting, IDLE will no longer let me input any Japanese characters.
(I have it set to UFT-8, if it makes any difference anymore)

The terminal works fine. It lets me input Japanese and runs commands

So I used gedit and saved a simple print("Hello(in Japanese chars)"),
and run it with IDLE 3.0 but I get a blank line >>>. 

(Can I also make sure that I'm opening IDLE correctly? This is how I do it:
1)Open Terminal
2)~$ Python.3.0
3)>>> input idlelib.idle 

Thank You in advance.
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