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Date 2008-12-13.00:37:21
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I could argue either way on this one; it's true that deleting a
nested-scope variable is sometimes desirable, but it also seems to me
like closing over an except: variable is a Potentially Bad Idea.

In neither case, however, do I think it's appropriate to drop the
temporary nature of the variable.  I could perhaps get behind resetting
the variable to None instead of deleting it, but of course the PEP would
need changing.  There's also a question of whether we should do the same
thing with "with ... as" variables.

(Btw, I'm not sure why this one's assigned to me; ISTM I might have
proposed the current except/as GC semantics, but I'm not familiar with
the actual implementation in 2.6 or 3.0)
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