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Author marduk
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Date 2008-12-10.04:44:34
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Thanks for looking into this.

Ok... I applied your patch (actually it does not apply against Python
3.0 so I had to change it manually).

Now I'm not sure if this is still an error in the compiler or if it's
truly a problem on my end, but the line given in the error doesn't
contain a del statement at all.

The code basically looks like this:

def method(self):
                success = False
                e = None
                        success, mydepgraph, dropped_tasks =
                                self.settings, self.trees,
self._mtimedb, self.myopts,
                                myparams, self._spinner,
                except depgraph.UnsatisfiedResumeDep as e:
                        mydepgraph = e.depgraph
                        dropped_tasks = set()

With the patch, the error occurs at "dropped_tasks = set()" in the
except clause.  The first time that "dropped_tasks" is used in the
entire module is in the try clause.

This is a horrible piece of code (I did not write it).  Do you think the
SyntaxError message could be masking what the real error is?

Again, the python2 version of this module imports fine, but when I run
2to3 on it I get the SyntaxError.  The line of code in question,
however, is unmodified by 2to3.
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