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Date 2008-12-07.09:09:10
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> I understand the rationale behind #4120, but it seems like it only helps
> a narrow set of applications, namely "applications that link dynamically
> with the same version of MSVCR90 as Python and that bundle the MSVCR90
> DLL and that can't install the VS2008 redist". 

This is not a narrow set, though. It includes all the applications that
use py2exe and friends to create stand-alone applications. This case
absolutely must be supported.

> The 2.6.0 behavior - requiring the VS2008 redist to be installed - is
> hardly perfect (to put it mildly), but in my opinion it's more obvious
> and straightforward, and more consistent with the behavior of other
> Windows software.

Python has a long tradition of supporting "xcopy deployment". I don't
want Microsoft to dictate that we stop supporting that. I find the need
to have end-users install the CRT redist particularly unacceptable.

I don't quite understand this issue yet. python26.dll is linked with
a manifest. Isn't that good enough?
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