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> can you come up with a configure patch that would allow isinf to be
> detected on Solaris?

The plot thickens.  I know squat about autoconf sorts of things so I
asked on the autoconf mailing list.  Eric Drake responded (in part):

  The Python ACHECK_FUNCS test should be rewritten (with proper m4
  quoting) as:

  AC_CHECK_FUNCS([acosh asinh atanh expm1 finite log1p])
  AC_CHECK_DECLS([isinf, isnan], [], [], [[#include <math.h>]])

so I gave that a whirl.  Whaddya know?  isinf *really* isn't available,
at least not until C99 apparently.  The AC_CHECK_DECLS macro generates
a conftest.c which looks like this:

  #include <math.h> 
  main () 
  #ifndef isinf 
    (void) isinf; 
    return 0; 

which fails to compile/link on our Sol10 boxes.  Turns out
doesn't export an _isinf symbol.  The macro I found (in iso/math_c99.h)
doesn't expand in gcc -E output of the above code, so in my non-c99
environment I don't get to use isinf.  Looks like your Py_IS_INFINITY
fix will be necessary.  Eric also suggested using the gnu isinf and
isnan modules:

I'll leave that for you to decide.

In any case, the above changes to AC_CHECK_FUNCS should probably be

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