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> I'm failry sure I can find a SPARC here to run it on as well.  They
> are rather few and far between though.

I don't think that's necessary.  Thanks for disabusing me of my 'Solaris
implies SPARC' mindset, though!

There are two more pieces of information that *would* be useful:

1. What happens if you build with the '-ffloat-store' option to gcc?
If my diagnosis is correct I'd expect the cmath tests to pass with this
flag.  (I'm not 100% sure how to make sure the '-ffloat-store' option
gets passed through into the Module builds, though
"BASECFLAGS='-ffloat-store' ./configure" seems to work for me.)

2. It looks as though the configure script isn't finding 'isinf' on
Solaris 10.  Any ideas why?  Is there some replacement for isinf that's
spelt differently?  I suspect that if we were using the system lib's
test for infinity instead of the Py_IS_INFINITY workaround then this
problem wouldn't have come up.

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