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Author lemburg
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Date 2008-12-03.10:20:02
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On 2008-12-03 01:44, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Christian Heimes <> added the comment:
> Barry, the issue in _ctypes/callproc.c could be a problem for us
> although Python 2.6 and 3.0 are compiling fine with -std=c89. Should the
> comment be fixed before the release?

I had a second look at the code. That comment is in #ifdefs:

#ifdef MS_WIN32

so it won't affect compiling ctypes on Unix platforms.

Still, I find the situation with C99 comments scattered around the
source code less than ideal. Either we officially abandon C90 and move
on to C99 or we stick to C90 for all source code (including code that
only gets compiled on Macs or MSVC).

It's just too easy for a C99 comment to slip into code that's
targeted for non-gcc/non-MSVC compilers as well and these then
break the portability of Python to those compilers/platforms.
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