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Author Nick Barnes
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Date 2008-12-01.14:02:08
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My original defect report here was incorrect, or possibly only relates
to a particular older Python installation.  It is still the case that
UTF-7 decoding is fussier than it need be (decoding should be
permissive), and is broken specifically for the '/' character (ASCII
47).  I'm probably going to rewrite the whole codec for greater clarity
and decoding permissiveness.

Any UTF-7 encoder has two boolean parameters: whether to base-64 encode
whitespace (sp, ht, nl, cr), and whether to base-64 encode "set O"
characters.  The existing Python UTF-7 encoder says "no" to both of
these.  It would be useful to have them as options.  How should encoding
parameters such as these be passed?  As setstate() methods on the
IncrementalEncoder and StreamWriter objects?  Or should I provide four
separate codecs (retaining the existing behaviour in the 'utf7' codec,
of course).
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