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Date 2008-11-28.09:10:22
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The problem, and the reason for the existence of this bug, is that I
cannot build a shared object that links to and works.

Please don't mark this bug invalid until this problem is fixed.

My proposal of adding dependencies to lib-dynload/*.so is just a
suggestion on how to go about fixing this bug. If this is not a suitable
solution, please suggest a solution that is.

In response to your discussion on why the static library is currently
useful, you haven't really answered the question. In what circumstance
would someone actually want to build against the static library and then
dynamically load other libraries?

"Because it works" isn't an answer, as if this bug were fixed, then
building against the shared library would validly have the same response.

Why static over dynamic, if when static you have to link to dynamic anyway?
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