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Date 2008-11-24.18:16:48
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Python 3.0 rc3 on Windows (Server 2003 US English)

The code with a string including a non ascii character:

s = 'abçd'
print (s)

is returning correct result in console mode and when it's typed in the 
IDLE Python Shell

But when executed from an IDLE editor window with Run/Run Module
it prints 5 characters instead of 4.

With more details, the code:

s = 'abçd'
print (s)

for i in range(len(s)):
    print(hex(ord(s[i])),end=' ')
gives  in console mode:

0x61 0x62 0xe7 0x64

but with Run/Run Module:

0x61 0x62 0xc3 0xa7 0x64
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