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Date 2008-11-07.13:58:02
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With a clean checkout of the py3k source it fails to build the Parser 
exension module (based on Modules/parsermodule.c) when building against 
a cygwin target.

This appears to be related to the movement of the symbol 
_PyParser_Grammar from graminit.c to Parser\metagrammar.c. (At least 
this is where it was going by the code comments)

Because of this the module now requires Parser\metagrammar.c to get 
this information via Py_meta_grammar.

The patch modifies to add the required file and modifies 
parsermodule.c to use the accessor function.

(This fails on a clean trunk build in the same way as well - which 
makes me very suspicious that this is not a "real" issue as the 
buildbots seem to be green.)

My gut feeling is that my modification to for the module is 
incorrect - it just looks messy. So I await the inevitable: "That's not 
how to fix it...." :-)
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