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Author vstinner
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Date 2008-11-04.17:27:39
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Updated patch, changes:
 - fix mashal module
 - fix all conversion from/to small integer (long, unsigned long, long 
long, unsigned long long, size_t, ssize_t)
 - create numbits() method for the long type (see also issue #3439)
 - catch memory allocation failure
 - fix many other bugs to fix most tests

Failing tests:
 - decimal: long_hash() is broken (doesn't use MSB)
 - io, pickle, pickletools, sqlite, tarfile: null byte in argument for 
 - random: use old files from pickle whih contains '2147483648L\n' 
(trailing L)
 - sys: sizeof is invalid

To do: 
- raise OverflowError in numbits() for integer 2**(2**k) where 2**k
doesn't fit in an integer
- fix last tests

This version is slower than previous version, but it has less bugs :-)
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