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Author r.liebscher
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Date 2008-10-29.18:06:41
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I would like to see this change introducing a method of class HTMLDoc.

It has already some such methods as:

    def namelink(self, name, *dicts):
    def classlink(self, object, modname):
    def modulelink(self, object):
    def modpkglink(self, data):

So it would be logically to make it a method 
    def filelink(self,url,path):
         """Make a link to source file."""
         return '<a href="file:%s">%s</a>' % (url, path)
and changing the creating of the filelink to
            filelink = self.filelink(url, path)
         except TypeError:
            filelink = '(built-in)'

This way one can easily subclass HTMLDoc for own purposes and define a
own filelink method.
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